The Ubusuna Clan (産土家 Ubusuna Family) are a family of Onmyouji, and the clan of mystics to whom Hiruko and his descendant Kagari belong.


Young Ubusuna Hiruko

Hiruko Ubusuna

In the olden days, the Ubusuna clan were among the head influences of Onmyouji (陰陽師 sorcerors). Through their divinations, the Japanese government prospered. But as the eras changed and Japan modernized, the Onmyouji began to lose its influence. With the occurence of carriers of mystic powers dropping, the Ubusuna family of Kumano Shrine sought out those who had the gift, which ultimately led them to come into contact with the child Hiruko Ubusuna.

The Golden Palace Incident of the Last Century 

In the last century, Hiruko started out performing divinations for the Japanese Government. However, as time passed, his ruthless and despotic
The Golden Palace

The Golden Palace

character proceed to reach its peak, and it began to affect the lives of the public for the worst.
Hiruko would decide to use his newly honed powers to bring about his conquest of the world. For this reason he instigated the Great Kanto Earthquake and with his powers he created the Golden Palace in the area that was formerly known as the Waterfront City to signify his dominion. In building the demonic Akujiki Blade and the Hellspawn Weapon Yatsurao, Hiruko would gain greater power and attempt to impose his dominance on Japan and the world.
Hiruko in thepast

Hiruko Ubusuna

However, to counter his efforts the Japanese Empire secretly called upon the Oboro Ninja; an elite clan of shinobi that have saved the world from within the darkness of history and managed all the active shinobi in Japan. The Oboro defeated Hiruko's dark minions, the Hellspawn ; creatures summoned by Hiruko from the darkest depths of the universe, until finally, they struck down Hiruko himself. 
Hirukos death

The Oboro strike down Hiruko

The Oboro emerged victorious and sealed Hiruko in a tomb deep within Kumano Shrine. This incident would be classified as an "unsavory affair" by the government, leaving the Ubusuna family dishonored and the Onmyoji would lose their position, and the Onmyoji of Kumano Shrine's main temple complex would be supervised by the Oboro Clan. The Ubusuna were charged with watching over Hiruko's sealed body, to insure that his evil spirit would never again leave the temple walls.

The Golden Palace Incident of the 21st Century

72 years after Hiruko's defeat, a rogue Oboro Ninja named Ageha, driven mad with grief and hatred towards the Oboro for Moritsune 's

Hotsuma; Master of the Oboro

death, would break the taboo and free Hiruko from his imprisonment. In return for his freedom, he agreed to resurrect the fallen shinobi. With his dark powers he reinstigated the Golden Palace Affair, and this time he would send the Hellspawn to attack the Oboro Village while the clan's leader was away on another mission, resulting in the slaughter of the entire Oboro Village. Hiruko would then add insult to injury, by using his Gojufu to manipulate the soulless bodies of the fallen Oboro.

Hotsuma, the last survivor of the Oboro, flies into the rubble field that was once Tokyo. Slaying countless Hellspawn and the undead Oboro, Hotsuma was forced to feed the gluttonouos Akujiki in order to avoid its horrid appetite himself. After finally defeating Hiruko in the final battle, Hotsuma vanished, leaving Akujiki behind.

The Ariake Seal Fortification

Kagari sets the seal

Kagari Ubusuna's ritual

A year after Hiruko's demise, the Japanese government moved to Osaka. Under orders from the government, Kagari Ubusuna, the new head of the Ubusuna family and Hiruko's own descendant,
The Ariake Mirrors

Ariake sealing Mirror

would construct the Ariake Seal (有明結界陣 Ariake Barrier Formation​). Using Akujiki to act as the seal's lynchpin, Kagari had the sword shattered into nine shards and placed in nine key locations throught the Yin saturated city of Tokyo. Kagari would create special Jade mirriors powered by sacred Yang energy, she would seal both Akujiki and the Hellspawn away.
Unfortunately, due to the greed of the Nakatomi Group , the Ubusuna's efforts were rendered wasted.