Taijutsu (体術; Physical Skills) are the techniques that ninja trained in to achieve superhuman physical ability. These skills enable them to traverse otherwise impossible paths, or turn the tide of battle, so that the shinobi could gain access to secret information, or to attain the superhuman arts of Ninjutsu. In the Shinobi Franchise all shinobi are trained in this early in life so that they can acquire superhuman technique to fulfill their missions.

Skills Edit

  • 八双飛び Hassou Tobi- Double Jump: enables the shinobi to attain higher altitude or to avoid attacks.
  • Syuriken

    Hassou Shuriken

    八双手裏剣 Hassou Shuriken- Shuriken storm: An advanced skill in Oboro Taijutsu that made its debut in Revenge of Shinobi. Executed during a double jump, the user hurls their blades in all directions hitting any and nearly all would be attacker.
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  • 十字受け Juji Uke- Used in Revenge of Shinobi, Joe Musashi holds two kunai before him to guard against attacks.
  • Tate


    殺陣 Tate- A special attack used by highly skilled shinobi in the Oboro clan, this enables the shinobi to decimate hordes of foes with minimal effort with such speed and precision that their defeated foes don't realize they're dead until the blade is put away. It made its debut in Shinobi for the PS2.
  • Hayabusa otoshi jpg
    隼落としHayabusa Otoshi- a skill used originally by Joe Musashi in Shinobi III. A powerful diving kick that throws an enemy off guard or kills aerial enemies.
  • Kongo otoshi
    金剛落とし Kongo Otoshi- A powerful spinning slash used by Jiro Musashi in Shinobi 3DS.
  • Sankaku tobi

    Sankaku Tobi

    三角飛びSankaku Tobi- enables the shinobi to use aerial foes or missiles as stepping stones to reach higher areas.
  • Power slash
    大裂斬 Dairetsuzan- After deflecting an enemy attack it is followed by a powerful counter slash that sends the defeated foe flying.
  • Shoryuzan
    昇り銀流 Shori Ginryu- A rising slash upwards.

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