Hotsuma using the dash.

Stealth Dash is a skill used by certain members of the Oboro Clan to dodge attacks, or aid travel by moving faster than the eye can see. This technique allows the user to perform a burst of speed that not only renders them temporarily invisible, but also leaves a temporary phantom image of themselves at the point where the technique took place. The shimmering phantom is convincing enough to fool enemies and even some bosses into concentrating on it. The dash function is especially useful in not only crossing gaps, but allows the user to slip past enemy defenses by strafing to either side.

Though usually associated with Hotsuma, other playable characters and a couple of bosses can use the technique. Ageha produces pink-colored phantoms to try and catch the player off-guard. Aomizuchi after being awakened, produces green copies and uses the Stealth Dash primarily to dodge Hotsuma's attacks and counterattack.

In Nightshade, Hibana also knows the technique, but produces holograms instead. However, her other costumes allow her to produce phantoms just like her ancestors. Hisui instead produces watery images that splash when expiring. Kurohagane uses an off-shoot version where he summons multiple red phantoms for his Tate, though he does not dash.

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