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Shinobi for the Nintendo 3DS

Shinobi 3DS
(Shinobi忍3D) is a game released in 2011 by Griptonite Games as a reboot of the Shinobi franchise. Players assume the role of Jiro Musashi; the young chief of the Oboro clan and Joe Musashi's father.


Combining elements reminiscent of previous Shinobi works with cinematic combat action, the game also carried challenge maps where you could also unlock Joe and Sarah Krieger, as well as other costumes. Music soundtracks bear similarities to the music of Yuzo Koshiro, combining traditional Japanese instruments with techno edge and hard rock for an ancient to cyber punk feel.


Oboro village

Oboro Village; Kamakura Era Japan

The game begins in the Kamakura period of Japan, in the eighth year of Keicho (1256AD by Western Calendar). While training with his master and being awarded leadership of the clan for mastering the arts of the Oboro-ryu martial arts and Ninjutsu , Jiro Musashi is called to defend the village when Zeed 's Ninja army attack the clan.
After tracking their main forces back to the snowy mountains and defeating a lethal and elegant female warrior with ice powers, Jiro's village is destroyed by an intense blue explosion, and he finds himself flung 800 years into the future world of 2056AD on Zeed Island, where Zeed has taken control of the world.

Now forced to fight for his life in an unfamiliar world, the only thing he knows his his fight against the hated Zeed continues.


Jiro musashi

Jiro Musashi

Jiro Musashi: the young chief of the Oboro Ninja Clan. A prodigy of the Oboro style of Ninjutsu who is intune with Mother Nature, Jiro is hurled through eras to defeat his clan's mortal enemy, Zeed.
Colonel sarah krieger

Col Sarah Krieger

Col Sarah Krieger- the Leader of the the Special Ops unit against Zeed, her identity is a mystery but she holds great resentment towards Zeed.

Shadow master

Shadow Master

Shadow Master - The leader of the nefarious Zeed and ruler of Zeed Island. Always wearing a crimson oni mask, he directs Zeed from the shadows.


Staying true to its 2D roots, Jiro uses shuriken, his shinobigatana, Ninja magic, and a new addition to the game, a parry system, a kaginawa (鍵縄;grappling hook) and for the first time stealth skills. As the player performs well, Jiro's sword begins to glow brightly, but once he's hit, the sword loses its glow and points are deducted. the Ninjutsu is based off of the elements of Fire, Water, Thunder, and Earth.

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