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"I will have my revenge." ― Hotsuma, opening game trailer.

Shinobi is a 2002 video-game developed by Overworks and published by Sega. The game introduces Hotsuma, a new Shinobi, and his defense of Tokyo from Hiruko Ubusuna and the Hellspawn that he summoned.


Raised together within the Oboro Clan, Hotsuma and Moritsune were seldom apart during their youth. Being the younger of the two, Hotsuma looked up to Moritsune, and considered his older brother a superior warrior.

It was After they discovered Akujiki; the cursed katana of their ancestors that they realized their fates were sealed. The Oboro clan commandments deem that the next clan heir was to be decided via a savage ritual between the clan leader's eldest sons. Hotsuma and Moritsune were aware of their destinies and trained for ten years under their foster father and master Kobushi. The duel occurred on a full moon in the summer time in a cherry blossom grove.

Four years after that night, not a day has passed that Hotsuma hasn't thought of Moritsune, but when a Golden Palace rises from Tokyo's Water Front City after the city is struck with a catastrophic earthquake, Hotsuma has other things on his mind; who has murdered his clan, and why has Tokyo become a demon infested hell on earth?

Characters Edit

秀真 Hotsuma- the protagonist. Hotsuma is the young head of the ruined Oboro ninja clan. Descending into Tokyo after hearing about the murders of his clansmen, Hotsuma discovers that the clan wasn't just destroyed, but are being manipulated to fight him. Hotsuma's calm and focused exterior conceals his inner torment from the death of his brother at his hands.

守恒 Moritsune- Hotsuma's genius adoptive older brother. Hotsuma and him were close in their young days. Moritsune died in the ritual against Hotsuma, and told him they'd always be together.

朱刃Ageha- A former kunoichi of the Oboro clan. She was once Hotsuma's childhood friend and foster sister. When Moritsune died, she abandoned the Oboro and became a rogue ninja, and has been on the run for four years.

蒼蛟龍 Aomizuchi- A mysterious white clad Ninja that relentlessly hunts Hotsuma. He instigated the ruination of the Oboro Village.

拳Kobushi- Hotsuma's master and foster father. One of the chief elders of the clan, Kobushi is the master of the Jounin of the Oboro. He was the first of the clan to venture into Tokyo after the city's destruction, but has gone missing.

産土 ヒルコ Hiruko Ubusuna- the antagonist of the game. Hiruko is a heretical sorcerer who was defeated by the Oboro 72 years ago. His seal broken, Hiruko murders the Oboro Clan and then manipulates their dead bodies to serve his purposes.


Shinobi-Intro Opening scene04:27

Shinobi-Intro Opening scene

The opening scene.

A commercial for Shinobi 2002, featuring Hotsuma's scarf00:30

A commercial for Shinobi 2002, featuring Hotsuma's scarf.

A commercial for Shinobi 2002, featuring Hotsuma's scarf.

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