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Softimage sega shinobi
"I will have my revenge." ― Hotsuma, opening game trailer.

Shinobi is a 2002 video-game developed by Overworks and published by Sega. The game introduces Hotsuma, a new Shinobi, and his defense of Tokyo from Hiruko Ubusuna and the Hellspawn that he summoned.


Raised together within the Oboro Clan, Hotsuma and Moritsune were seldom apart during their youth. Being the younger of the two, Hotsuma looked up to Moritsune, and considered his older brother a superior warrior. Eventually, the Oboro commandment was revealed to the two boys after they discovered Akujiki, the sword that would be used in the ritual to decide the clan's leader. The commandment deems that the next clan leader must be determined by a duel to the death between the eldest clan heirs --- in this case Mortisune and Hotsuma. Aware of their destiny, the brothers trained incessantly, instructed by their foster parent, Kobushi. Ten years passed as the brothers refined their techniques and honed their senses. The duel occured beneath a ful moon as cherry blossoms billowed in the wind.

Not long after, a massive earthquake struck Tokyo, and a mysterious Golden Palace appeared in the center of the city. With the appearence of the palace came the arrival of a self-proclaimed sorcerer who summoned Hellspawn to wreak havoc upon the city. Capital members were reported dead, and the city's residents became paralyzed in fear. With the Oboro Clan ravaged and Toyko on the verge of collapse, Hotsuma places himself at the heart of the chaos, determined to reach the mysterious Golden Palace and avenge the death of his clan.


Shinobi-Intro Opening scene04:27

Shinobi-Intro Opening scene

The opening scene.

A commercial for Shinobi 2002, featuring Hotsuma's scarf00:30

A commercial for Shinobi 2002, featuring Hotsuma's scarf.

A commercial for Shinobi 2002, featuring Hotsuma's scarf.

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