Shadow Master is the main antagonist of Shinobi III for Sega MegaDrive, and the final boss of the game.

NEO ZEED's True Mastermind Edit

After Joe Musashi defeated NEO ZEED two years ago and became the new chief of the Oboro Ninja, it was then discovered that the Ninja Master was just a figurehead for NEO ZEED, the Shadow Master, a cybernetically enhanced clone from the Musashi bloodline. After calling his cohorts into a meeting he issued an order. "For us to attain our dream of world domination, kill our hated enemy Joe Musashi!".

After his attempts are foiled, he faces Joe Musashi in the ZEED Aeroship, the Wing of Darkness, in an alternate virtual reality. Initially on equal ground with Musashi during the battle, he gained a power up from the energy of the room, and became deadlier as the battle raged. Eventually he would meet his fate at Musashi's hands, as the fortress crashes and burns away.

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