Orn(オーン) is an ancient alien being and the unlockable true main antagonist of Shinobi 3DS. A clever and ruthless foe, he is also one of the hardest bosses of the game due to his regeneration phases of his boss battle.


Orn is an alien with a skeletal looking exo skeleton and an insectoid helmet. Orn has protruding wing like limbs from his body, and is always surrounded by a peculiar glow coming out of his armor.


Orn the alien

Orn, the Sword of the Stars.

Orn is the leader of an ancient alien race, and among the last of his kind. Known as the Sword of the Stars, Orn and his species have traversed worlds and galaxies to find a planet to call home. Exhausted from centuries of travel, Orn's ship would arrive in the Solar System to a planet called Earth.

Initially Orn planned to take control of the planet, but his resources were exhausted to the point where he couldn't do much on his own. It was then he took note of two warring ninja factions; the Oboro-ryu Ninja; a shinobi clan of justice who faithfully serve the Japanese Empire, and the Zeed Ninja Forces, who seek to rule Japan from the darkness.

Birth of a devil

Orn creates the Shadow Master

Orn then had the plan of using the Ninja as a template in order to create the ulitmate army in space.Taking advantage of the situation, Orn meets with Zeed and orchestrates the attack on the Oboro Village of Kamakura Era Japan. After abducting several Oboro Ninja to be useful to his plans, Orn appears before Jiro Musashi 's master, the Oboro's original leader, and as a reward for his services, grants him a Crimson Oni mask with the Zeed emblem. This mask was specially designed to give him eternal life, and so the corrupt ninja takes it and becomes the Shadow Master.

With his plan set in motion, Orn blasts the Oboro Village from his ship, unaware that Jiro survived and was flung into the future, where Zeed ruled the world and its evil became law. 

After monitoring Jiro from behind the scenes, Orn is impressed that Jiro Musashi made his way to him. it is revealed that Orn orchestrated the village's destruction. Jiro defeats Orn, but Orn decalres that Jiro doesn't fully understand what he's done. Proclaiming himself free, Orn vanishes in an explosion of blue light. What happens to him is unknown.