Onibi (鬼火 meaning Wildfire) is a ninja who along with his other fellow ninja assassins are employed by the Nakatomi Corporation and a villain in Nightshade. He is known as the "Shinobi of Fire".

He is the second Shinobi who confronts Hibana. He is attracted to Hibana and wants her to kill him.


Onibi is an exiled shinobi of the Shiranui Ninja. A womanizer, masochist, and a pyromaniac, his insanity couldn't be tolerated by his clan, and so he was expelled and lived as a renegade. Eventually the Nakatomi Group would notice his talents and he would serve as a member of their Mercenary Shinobi Unit under Jimushi.   

Akujiki Retrieval Mission Edit

After Nakatomi broke the Ariake Seal to steal Akujiki, Onibi is among those opposing Hibana, who was sent to locate the artifact for Nakatomi. He meets Hibana on the road, and tries to interrupt her mission. When he shows he has a piece of Akujiki, he tells her she'll have it after he kills him. Hibana scoffs at him and demands he hand the shard over. Onibi tries to play mind games with Hibana, calling her a mere tool for Jimushi. Hibana is unaffected by his taunts and the two engage in battle. Hibana wins, with Onibi taking delight in his pain. He tries to make Hibana jealous of Jimushi's new pupil, Hisui. And tries to attack her from behind only to be pierced in the abdomen by the Akujiki shard. Relishing his pain as he dies, his Yin is absorbed by the Akujiki shard and he vanishes.

Personality Edit

Onibi is a womanizer and a psychopath whose unstable nature made him a liability to his clan. Even as an exile his mastery over explosives made him a dangerous asset to Nakatomi. Onibi is also a maschoist as he takes pleasure in pain, even more so if it is inflicted by a woman.


  • Onibi's Japanese voice actor in Japanese version, Wataru Takagi, also shares hias voice with Blacker Baron from the Japanese version of Anarchy Reigns and Enzo from Bayonetta: Bloody Fate and Bayonetta 2.
  • According to the official SEGA WOW website, Onibi was a rogue ninja of the Shiranui shinobi clan

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