Ninjutsu (in Japanese: 忍術, Shinobi Techniques) are the ancient arts and skills of stealth and strategies used by the Ninja since antiquity. In the Shinobi franchise it is very powerful ninja magic that could be used to kill or defeat enemies. They were used by collecting magic scrolls called Makimono. There were many types of Ninjutsu.

Revenge of Shinobi/Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja MasterEdit

  • Jutsu of Ikazuchi (in Japanese: 雷の術, Art of Thunder) -By altering their thoughtwaves, the caster is clad in an armor of celestial thunder. Placing the Hazy Moon Sword before his chest, Joe Musashi fires his brainwaves into the heavens with a stroke. The brainwaves that ascend to the sky returns as a thunder bolt.
  • Jutsu of Kariu (in Japanese: 火龍の術; Art of the Fire Dragon): Manipulating the magma sleeping beneath the earth to obliterate enemies. By swinging the sword and concentrating his thoughtwaves, and lowering the sword with their stance as it is, the concentrated thoughtwaves pushes from the handle of the sword to the ground and evokes the magma.
  • Jutsu of Fushin (in Japanese: 浮身の術, Art of the Floating Body): The technique to diffuse body weight and makethe ninja jump higher. Jumping force increases, making it easy to jump in Hassou Tobi (Double Jump). Just like other techniques, concentrate the spirit, level the sword to create their own alter ego, distribute thought and weight. The effects of the floating technique lasts until the end of that stage.
  • Jutsu of Mijin (in Japanese: 微塵の術, Art of the Particle): The most advanced and dangerous technique to annihilate enemies. Put the sword in the ground and ring the earth with a thoughtwave. The Ninja resonates and burst their flesh into the vibration, involve enemies and annihilate them. Since it should be used only in a desperate situation, the caster must pay careful attention to how many foes are in his vicinity.

Shinobi (2002)Edit

  • Ka'en (in Japanese: 火焔)- Unleashes a flame burst, killing or harming all enemies within the radius. Hotsuma can use this once per Makimono .
  • Kamaithachi (in Japanese: 鎌鼬) - Using Hotsuma's sword, hurl shock waves at his enemies. This can used once per Makimono.
  • Raijin (in Japanese: 雷神/雷陣) - This magic makes Hotsuma invincible from attack or damage from enemies for a short period of time. This can used only a certain amount of times per Makimono.

Shinobi 3DSEdit

  • Fire: This enables Jiro to obliterate most enemies in a blast of mythic flames. It also allows shuriken to be imbued with fire energy to pierce through enemy shields and foes. 
  • Earth: This enables Jiro to automatically parry enemy attacks, but leaves Jiro near death and unable to use Shuriken once the magic wears off.
  • Water: This enables Jiro to move faster and jump higher, with quicker Shuriken reload. Operates similarly to Fushin.
  • Thunder: This enables Jiro to be protected by Electric Armor for three hits. Also protects from some world hazards like spikes.


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