Ninjutsu (in Japanese: 忍術, Shinobi Techniques) are the ancient arts and skills of stealth, and have been used strategically by the ninja since antiquity. In the Shinobi franchise, ninjutsu is very powerful ninja magic that can be used to defeat enemies or provide the caster with augmented abilities. The shinobi may collect magic scrolls called makimono to replenish their ninjutsu. There are many types of Ninjutsu.


  • 稲妻 Inazuma: Summons down lightning and releases it, destroying enemies on screen.
  • 竜巻 Tatsumaki: Summons a tornado that unleashes devastating razor sharp vacuums (Kamaitachi and Fuga derive from this).
  • 分身 Bunshin: Creating copies of himself the ninja unleashes a storm of blade wielding shadow clones to decimate all foes on screen or cause massive damage to foes.

Revenge of Shinobi and Shinobi III

  • Jutsu of Ikazuchi (in Japanese: 雷の術, Art of Thunder): The caster of this lightning magic must clear their minds in order to produce the armor of celestial thunder. While conjuring the spell, Joe Musashi places Oborozuki before his chest and channels his energy into the heavens with a single stroke. The energy that ascends to the sky returns as a lightning bolt.
  • Jutsu of Karyu (in Japanese: 火龍の術; Art of the Fire Dragon): The caster of this fire magic will manipulate the magma that sleeps beneath the earth to obliterate enemies. The caster should swing their sword and concentrate, and them lower the sword with their stance as it is. The concentrated energy pushes from the handle of the sword to the ground and evokes the magma.
  • Jutsu of Fushin (in Japanese: 浮身の術, Art of the Floating Body): This technique is designed to diffuse body weight and make the ninja jump higher. The user's jumping force increases, making it easy to jump in Hassou Tobi (Double Jump). Like other techniques, the caster must concentrate the spirit, level the sword to create their own alter ego, and then distribute their thought and weight. The effects of the floating technique lasts until the end of that stage.
  • Jutsu of Mijin (in Japanese: 微塵の術, Art of the Particle): This is the most advanced and dangerous technique that can annihilate enemies. Put the sword in the ground and vibrate the earth with pure mental concentration. The ninja will resonate along with the earth and burst their flesh into the vibration, which will obliterate enemies in the vicinity. Since it should be used only in a desperate situation, the caster must pay careful attention to how many foes are in his vicinity. If used too many times, the user would be trapped in the subatomic spectrum and may never again reform.

Shinobi Legions/Shinobi X

  • 毘沙門 Bishamon: A Nindo technique activated from the Bishamon Sword. Upon activation the attack power of the user is doubled. Anyone cut or touches the Bishamon Image that appears will recieve damage.
  • 奥義「雷竜」Secret Art Thunder Dragon: Summons clouds of thunder and the Blue Dragon God, the roar of the dragon god sends down lightning that obliterates enemies (except bosses but causes massive damage)
  • 忍道最終奥義「如来, Nindo Ultimate Technique Nyorai: The most powerful technique of Nindo, it utilizes the power of Creation itself in the form of it's name sake, a Nyorai. Due to its power, the Nindo Grandmaster Tessai refused to teach it to a power hungry Kazuma, out of fear of Kazuma destroying himself and the world if misused. Tessai died before he could teach it to a successor, but the art was unlocked by Sho with the help of his foster sister, Aya. Only used in the final stage against Kazuma.

Shinobi (2002) and Nightshade

  • Ka'en (in Japanese: 火焔): This fire magic unleashes an intense burst of flame around the user, which may kill or harm all the enemies within the radius. Hotsuma can use this once per makimono.
  • Kamaitachi (in Japanese: 鎌鼬): A wind magic that will allow the user to hurl razor sharp shock waves at his enemies. This can used once per Makimono.
  • Raijin (in Japanese: 雷神/雷陣): This magic makes Hotsuma invincible from attack for a short period of time. This can be used once per makimono.
  • Fuga (in Japanese: 風牙) a Jutsu unique to Hibana and Hisui. It enables the kunoichi to fire pressurized air shockwaves from their hands six times once per Makimono.

Shinobi 3DS

  • Fire: This enables Jiro to obliterate most enemies in a blast of mythic flames. It also allows shuriken to be imbued with fire energy that will pierce through enemy shields and foes. 
  • Earth: This enables Jiro to automatically parry enemy attacks, but leaves Jiro near death and unable to use shuriken once the magic wears off.
  • Water: This enables Jiro to move faster, jump higher, and reload shuriken faster. Operates similarly to Fushin.
  • Thunder: This enables Jiro to be protected by lightning armor for three hits. Also protects from some environmental hazards like spikes.