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Ninjutsu is very powerful ninja magic that could be used to kill or defeat enemies. They were used by collecting magic scrolls called Makimono. There were many types of ninjutsu:

Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja MasterEdit

  • Jutsu of Ikazuchi - Pull down a lightning bolt to make Joe temporarily invincible.
  • Jutsu of Kariu - Summon the flame of Kariu - four devestating pillars of fire that becomes a whirlwind of destruction to any enemies on-screen. [1]
  • Jutsu of Fushin - Mysterious ghost images of Joe Musashi appear, multiplying his jumping ability. [1]
  • Jutsu of Mijin - This Jutsu destroys enemies by causing Shinobi's body to become a living bomb. (Be warned, Shinobi looses one life per use of Mijin.) [1]

Ka'en being used.

Shinobi (2002) Edit

  • Ka'en - Unleashes a flame burst, killing or harming all enemies within the radius. Hotsuma can use this once per Makimono .
  • Kamaithachi - Using Hotsuma's sword, hurl shock waves at his enemies. This can used once per Makimono.
  • Raijin - This magic makes Hotsuma invincible from attack or damage from enemies for a short peroid of time. This can used only a certain amount of times per Makimono.

[1]: Shinobi III: Return of the Ninja Master Sega Genesis Guide

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