The Ninja Master, or simply known as the "Masked Ninja", is the evil leader of the crime syndicate known as Neo Zeed, and the main antagonist in The Revenge of Shinobi. He attacks Joe Musashi with his long hair and also uses it as a boomerang. He is also the first boss to display such evil laughter during the fight.


Wearing a golden yellow kimono with blood red hakama pants, the Masked Ninja has a giant main of white hair resembling a Kabuki lion character. Like Nakahara the Masked Ninja, he wears a demon mask. He can throw his main of hair like a shuriken and attacks the player with it by whipping his hair towards them to stab them like a sword if close.


After Joe defeated Zeed, the Masked Ninja persona was taken up by another, and through him Zeed had returned, more powerful than ever as Neo Zeed. The Masked Ninja first emerged as the leader of the criminal organization called Neo Zeed. He appeared in the last level where Joe confronts him in a final showdown. The Ninja Master trapped Joe's bride, Naoko in a cell trap where it can kill her. Joe defeated the Ninja Master and rescues Naoko and reunites with her.

After two years since he was killed by Musashi, it is revealed that he was but a mere double for the true mastermind.



  • The Ninja Master is in fact the older brother of the one with similar hair in Shinobi III. But due to lack of emphasis is easily mistaken for the same entity.