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The Nakatomi Conglomerate (in Japanese: 中臣財閥, Nakatomi Zaibatsu), is a Japanese corporation that was manipulated by the malevolent and powerful sorcerer Hiruko Ubusuna, which has led to unwittingly unleashed the Hellspawn upon futuristic Tokyo. They became antagonists in Nightshade.


Early Times Edit

The Nakatomi Conglomerate was started out original during the Edo period. The Nakatomi family initially began as merchants, and then as modernization spread, the Nakatomi Group was formed and began diversifying, selling various commodities from cleaning utensils to military arms.

Also the Nakatomi were among the top specialists in the field of robotics, which Hiruko Ubusuna used to his advantage, having ties with Nakatomi. With those ties, the mad sorcerer was able to rebuild his Hellspawn Weapon Yatsurao, which housed the anguish and pain of the countless people killed in the Great Kanto Earthquake in the past.

After that incident that ravaged Tokyo ended with Hiruko's death at the hands of Oboro leader Hotsuma, the Japanese government retrieved Akujiki among the rubble and ordered Kagari Ubusuna to help seal Akujiki away from the wrong hands for good. Kagari performed a ritual called the 'Ariake Seal' to break the Akujiki into 9 shards and placed them all across Tokyo as a barrier seal to ward off any Hellspawn from entering their world again, with the backing of the government performing this task.

Everything returned back to normal for a brief period of time, until the Nakatomi Conglomerate once again disrupted the order of control in Tokyo.

Nakatomi was among those who coveted Akujiki; the demon sword of the Oboro. WIth the Oboro gone, its value became insurmountable, and so Nakatomi hired several expert mercenary shinobis, especially one called Jimushi who before belonged to the now deceased Oboro Clan, along with 4 others:

  • Hisui - the young prodigy kunoichi and newest pupil of Jimushi.
  • Onibi - Reckless and womanizing shinobi specializing in projectile fireworks.
  • Kazugurama - An old shinobi expertly trained with wind attacks and awaiting his 1000th opponent.
  • Kurohagane - The cyborg ninja created by Nakatomi sent to retrieve the pieces of Akujiki.

To counter the assault of Nakatomi, the government sent in their most talented ninja, Hibana to stop Nakatomi from taking the Akujiki shards and allowing the Hellspawn to return back to Tokyo.



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