Nakahara (中原) ​The Masked Ninja is the final boss of Shinobi and the main antagonist of the game. A ninja boss character who uses the same kinds of Ninjutsu as Joe Musashi himself, this coupled with his penchant for constant jumping around making him the trickiest boss of the game.


The Masked Ninja is the mastermind behind the criminal organization of Zeed. Always wearing a demon mask, he controls Zeeds operations secretly. In a bold move to gain political ground, he kidnaps the children of world leaders (the children of the Oboro Clan in the original Japanese). He then sends his top killers and mercenaries to kill Joe Musashi and prevent his interference.

The Kidnapping of the Oboro ChildrenEdit

The Masked Ninja secretly created Zeed in Japan, and under his orders, the children of the Oboro-ryu Ninja. His plan was to send Japan back into an era of war, and reignite the glory of Ninja everywhere. But he soon found his plans being quashed one after another by the young Oboro prodigy, Joe Musashi. Eventually the two would come face to face at the main headquarters. It is then that a violent struggle takes place. Despite the fact that their skills were almost similar, in the end, the masked Ninja was defeated.

It would then be discovered that it was the Oboro ninja Nakahara, the man who taught Joe Musashi the Ninjutsu of the Oboro School, that was the wirepuller of the operation. Obsessed with the idea of recreating the Sengoku Era where Ninja played a traditionally active role, he set up the Zeed organization.


Nakahara was a man of great skill, and taught Joe Musashi Oboro-ryu Ninjutsu (朧流忍術 Rising Moon Style Shinobi Arts) , the Oboro clan shinobi art system  of stealth and invisibility. However, he was irrevocably frustrated by the state the Ninja had fallen on in modern times. Wishing to bring the Shinobi back into their glory days, where the shinobi played an active role of shaping Japan's history, Nakahara created Zeed to instigate this drastic change, going as far as to abduct the children of his own clan and make use of shinobi and killers to use for his ends, even going as far as to attempt the murder of his student to achieve his goal. 

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