The Chief's demise

The Chief's final moments.

Musashi's Master, also known as the Chief (御大将Odaisho; chief, leader) was Joe Musashi's master and the head of the Oboro clan. He made his official appearance in "The Revenge of Shinobi", in the intro story when Joe holds him as he is dying. He was also the father of Naoko, Joe Musashi's fiancée. He also made an appearance in the Sega comics for Shinobi.


The leader of the Oboro-ryu Ninja, the chief is an elderly master of the arts of Ninjutsu. Having found Joe Musashi as a young orphan, he took the lonely boy into his home and trained him, raising Musashi like a son alongside his daughter Naoko. After entrusting the most of his training to Nakahara, the chief trained Joe in Advanced Oboro Shinobi Arts in his adolescence. After Zeed began kidnapping children from the shinobi village, the Chief sent Joe to dispatch them and rescue the children.

While Joe was away after a successful mission against Zeed, the chief learned from one of his agents that Neo Zeed had been formed, and became a super-syndicate. He tried to prepare the village, but the threat was too much leaving him gravely wounded. After returning to his ruined village, Joe Musashi finds the dying form of his beloved master. With his final breath, he told Musashi about Neo Zeed, and gave to him the information on Neo Zeed's bases of operations and where Naoko was being held. After Musashi avenges his murder and the deaths of his comrades, Joe succeeds him as the new leader of the Oboro-ryu ninja.