Moritsune (in Japanese: 守恒) is the brother of Hotsuma and a member of the Oboro Clan. Being a jonin alongside his brother, he was the most skilled of the two, possessing superior strength and speed. Due to being the eldest clan heirs, he and Hotsuma were forced to participate in a ritual duel for leadership of the clan. During the fated battle, he allowed himself to be defeated by Hotsuma and willingly let himself be decapitated with the cursed sword, Akujiki.

Four years afterwards he was resurrected by Hiruko Ubusuna after he was killed by his brother. However, Hiruko had the Hellspawn Lord Aomizuchi possess Moritsune's body, using him as a puppet to harm and kill innocent people, even Moritsune's own lover Ageha. The scar around his neck and the sight of Akujiki serves as a reminder of his death by Hotsuma.

Whenever a Hellspawn Lord possesses the bodies of others, it is possibly able to take on the feelings and emotions of the possessed host as well. This is somewhat evident by Aomizuchi in Ninja form, appearing to act on the inner feelings that Moritsune harbored in regards to being killed by Hotsuma, and also towards the cursed sword itself.

History Edit

Moritsune was born the eldest son of the House of Oboro. As a direct descendant of the Oboro Ninja's founding family, Moritsune was among the heirs of the clan. As a prodigy of the Oboro-ryu Ninjutsu taught to him by his foster parent Kobushi, he possessed superior strength, speed, and power. Hotsuma, Moritsune's adopted brother from another of the Oboro Main Households, idolized Moritsune, and Moritsune treasured his precious little brother, and adored his childhood friend Ageha.

The Day of a Tragic DestinyEdit

Moritsune scarred

to save Ageha, Moritsune curses himself for life.

One day, while the three children were playing, Moritsune accidently fell off of a hill, and found the Oboro Temple. Ageha went inside ahead of the two, and it was there the two made a life-changing discovery; the legendary sword Akujiki. When Hotsuma warned of the trouble they'd be in, Ageha attempted to claim the sword, but it reacted to her greed and attempted to take her soul. Sending his brother to get Kobushi, Moritsune took the blade of Akujiki and struck himself across the face with the sharp end of the sword. His selfless act saved Ageha, but cursed Moritsune as well. Soon after it was revealed that the next family head would be determined by a ceremonial duel to the death between the eldest clan heirs. Moritsune and Hotsuma knew what this meant; one would lead the clan, and the other would be sacrificed to Akujiki upon defeat.
The sealing duel

The tragic duel between siblings.

For the next ten years, Hotsuma and Moritsune trained for the duel. On that day in the cherry blossom grove near Kan'Ei Shrine, Hotsuma and Moritsune enacted the ritual. Refusing to let Hotsuma be taken by Akujiki, he held his final blow back on purpose, and let Hotsuma slash him across the abdomen. Falling down in defeat and pain, he told Hotsuma to forbear, and take Akujiki. Seeing his heartbroken brother refuse, Moritsune threw Akujiki to him. Kneeling in preparation for his death, he accepted his demise with a smile, and told Hotsuma that even in his death, his spirit would be with him forever. And with that Hotsuma tearfully killed Moritsune.

The Return of Hiruko and the Birth of Ninja Demon AomizuchiEdit

The enslaved oboro

Aomizuchi enslaves the Oboro

Four years later, Hiruko, a villainous sorcerer that the Oboro sealed away 72 years ago would return, and Aomizuchi, one of the Four Hellspawn Lords, took over Moritsune's body. Now possessing the skills of a superior Ninja and the powers of a great demon, Aomizuchi used his evil powers to destroy Tokyo, and single handedly slaughtered the entire Oboro Village. Soon the undead Oboro clansmen fell under his control and Aomizuchi proceeded to pursue Hotsuma.

The End of Aomizuchi and Moritsune Rests in PeaceEdit

Reunion and farewell

Moritsune is reunited with Hotsuma one last time.

Eventually after Hotsuma bested Yatsurao, Moritsune's identity was revealed, and would await to challenge Hotsuma at Kan'Ei Temple to protect Hiruko. Ageha went to the shrine hoping the ritual to revive Moritsune was complete. After seeing Moritsune alive, she embraced her beloved happily, unaware that the person in front of her was not really him. Aomizuchi killed Ageha, and with the ritual truly complete, Aomizuchi had been given a physical form, and attacked Hotsuma. In defeating Aomizuchi, Moritsune truly appeared within his old body, and smiled warmly to Hotsuma, reminding him that they are always together. Taking Ageha back with him into Akujiki, he gives Hotsuma one last request; "Destroy Hiruko." Hotsuma acknowledges his request, and Moritsune reunites with Ageha and the other fallen Oboro within Akujiki.


Moritsune appears as an adult man with long white hair that is cropped at the end and a stern look. He bears a vicious scar across his nose, which he received from saving Ageha from Akujiki's hunger for blood and after being cut down by Akujiki, he gains an even nastier gash across his neck, which trails into his collarbone. As a member of the Oboro, he wore a black armored jumpsuit similar to Hotsuma. After being possessed by Aomizuchi, Moritsune wears a white and gray bodysuit, studded with black armor plates and a yin-yang emblem on his back which holsters his two swords. He wears a mask that covers the upper half of his mask and features four red dragon-like eyes, mirroring Hotsuma's own face guard.


A kind and gentle young man since childhood, Moritsune cared for his clansmen, and most importantly his brother and Ageha. He treasured Hotsuma so much that he let himself die intentionally to spare him from Akujiki, even telling him he'd be with him always. He loved Ageha so much he scarred himself with Akujiki and saved her life.

As Aomizuchi he was cold and ruthless, his true spirit trapped in Akujiki, Aomizuchi used his body for various sinister deeds, from slaughtering Moritsune's kin, to bringing Tokyo to ruin and killing Ageha in front of Hotsuma just to torment him.

After reclaiming his body, Moritsune took Ageha with him so they'd be together, but not before giving Hotsuma his one last task as his big brother; make Hiruko pay for what he did to their clan.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

As one of the potential heirs to the Oboro clan, Moritsune, touted as a genius, was an exceptionally skilled shinobi, rivaled only by his brother, Hotsuma. Though possessed by Aomizuchi, Moritsune retains his style of combat with the use of two ninjato which he is able to dual-wield or connect together at the pommels to form a polearm.

As a playable character, Moritsune shares all of Hotsuma's attacks, but is unable to make use of both swords, acting more of a model swap for his brother. Gameplay-wise however, he handles a bit different. He is much faster and stronger than Hotsuma, but due to being a victim of Akujiki, his Soul Gauge drops twice as fast


"You fought well." — After Stacked Kills

"Farewell." — After Stacked Kills

"Die." — After Stacked Kills

" that your best?" — After Stacked Kills

"Come." — Beginning of Dragon Form (Aomizuchi Possession) Fight

"Let your hatred flow."- Defeated by Aomizuchi (in Ninja Form and Half Demon Mode)

"Hotsuma, my spirit resides in Akujiki. It has always been with you. I am taking Ageha with me. Take revenge for the Oboro, Hotsuma!" — After Release from Possession

"Do not forget, my spirit, shall forever be by your side."- his parting words before dying with a smile on his face.


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