Mandara is a boss character and antagonist of the original Shinobi game. A boss that hides behind a series of statues to keep the player away from him, players are forced to destroy the statues to get to the main hub before time runs out, making him a frustratingly hard boss.


According to the mission reports, Mandara was once a Hindu holy man with great mental strength. the crime syndicate Zeed desired his mental power but he refused, and wanted just to live in peace and harmony. Not taking no for an answer, Zeed had him captured. Even after he was terribly beaten and severely tortured still he refused. And so, in order to claim his power, the syndicate had him killed, and placed his brain into a super computer modeled after a Hindu deity statue. The computer pumped his mental power, forcing him to become a weapon of destruction as one of the Ring of Five.

Mandara's suffering came to an end when he faced the Oboro ninja Joe Musashi. After Joe broke through his Mandala statue wall, the Mandara Unit used the guru's mind power to attack, but was ultimately destroyed, allowing for the Guru to at last rest in peace.