Lobster is a boss character in the original Shinobi and the Shinobi Mobile Game reboot. One of Zeed's leading "Ring of Five" he is a tall Samurai clad in crimson armor. he is impervious to attacks except for his helmet. His tendency to move while slashing make him difficult as he tends to repel some of the player's shuriken attacks.


Originally a warrior of great value and honor, his desire for glory and fame went to his head and he became ambitious without reason. Eventually he would be found by the Masked Ninja. Impressed by his skill and dexterity, Lobster was recruited into Zeed's elite "Ring of Five". Stationed at an old temple just outside of Zeed's Main Headquarters, Lobster was ordered to kill anyone who attempts to pass.

Eventually Lobster would meet a brave ninja named Joe Musashi, who was sent by the Oboro clan to stop Zeed and rescue the children. The gargantuan samurai attacked the young shinobi with his deadly sword skills. Using his analytical skills, Joe found his weak point to be his helmet, and attacked him from a distance with shuriken before finishing him with a Ninjutsu. With the kabuto destroyed his evil spirit fled from Lobster's armor and vanished into nothingness, and Musashi left to find Zeed's leader.