"I'm glad... we fought... it was... fun." - Kongou, after Hotsuma freed him from Hiruko's control.

Kongou (金剛) is mighty warrior who is part of the Oboro Clan and a minor hero in the 2002 videogame Shinobi. He is a man who loves a good fight and he wields a shield that is as large as he is, which doubles as a shuriken with retractable blades.


Kongou is the strongman of the Oboro shinobi. His ability to wield a giant shuriken that weighs a whole metric ton instills fear in many of his clan. A man who loves a good fight, he was seen battling on a daily basis. He lost one fight in his life, and that was to Moritsune in a match.

Since his loss he desired a rematch, but since Moritsune died in the duel against Hotsuma, his ambition would go forever unfulfilled. He doesn't consider Hotsuma, who defeated Moritsune as his leader, but a rival he must battle.

4 years later, he and the Oboro Clan were attacked and massacred by the Hellspawn that were summoned and sent by the clan's old enemy Hiruko Ubusuna, who soon brought them back to life as his puppets. However because of his love for a good battle, he simply wanted to act on his long-time desire of fighting Hotsuma, and even considered thanking Hiruko for the opportunity.

Hotsuma confronted Kongou on a building rooftop within war-ravaged city of Tokyo after he kidnapped Kagari Ubusuna during their escape from the Hellspawn forces that were after them both. When defeated, he compliments Hotsuma on his strength, even jokingly saying that “it must run in the family” before succumbing to death.

Trivia Edit

  • The giant shuriken he carries is said to weigh close to one metric ton. But nobody can prove this because nobody other than Kongou can lift it.
  • He only lost one battle in his former life, and that was to Hotsuma's brother.


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