"Ageha... I'm glad that I saw you one last time..." - Kuboshi's last words to Ageha.

Kobushi (拳) is an elder ninja who is the previous leader of the Oboro Clan and a minor hero in the 2002 videogame remake Shinobi. He leads the Jonin who are the high-ranking ninjas like he was in his youth, within the Oboro Clan. He too raised and trained Hotsuma, Moritsune, Ageha, and the Aragane Twins  when they were children.


​Early Life

Kobushi was an extremely skilled Jonin class ninja within the Oboro Clan, who rose through the ranks and became an excellent leader. Very active as a venerable shinobi, his skill became legendary, with many a villain and enemy fearing him as a demon incarnate. 

Kobushi was quite skilled in literatures as well as extraordinary martial arts training and instructions. As a High Ninja of the Oboro clan, he raised and nurtured numerous shinobi as a teacher. Strict yet warm, he is a coveted presence in the Oboro Village. Even after his power was waning with age, and joining the Oboro Elders, he still proceeded to train great shinobi for the clan.  For his disciples Hotsuma, Moritsune, the Aragane Twins, and Ageha, who were under his wing and trained by him he became a parental presence.

Kobushi was responsible for recieving missions from the government, and was the acting liason between the Oboro clan and the outside world.

The Tragedy

One day while playing around, the children found a chest in a shed at the Oboro village, and in the chest was a sword. But it wasn't an ordinary sword. Instead it was the infamous and cursed blade known as Akujiki. When Ageha held Akujiki in her hands, it began to glow and started to drain her life force slowly. While his little brother Hotsuma ran to find Master Kobushi and get help, Moritsune risked his life to save Ageha by striking his own face with the sword's cursed razor edge. Both of the young ones survived, but Moritsune was badly scarred by the soul-sucking blade that nearly killed him. As the three reached adulthood,, there was a traditional ritual held by the Oboro to test the 2 chosen candidates in battle to become the new wielder of Akujiki and Oboro Clan leader. Hotsuma won but his brother was killed and it has broken Ageha's heart as she watched her dear friend and romantic interest died. Naturally, for Kobushi, who was acting under the Oboro code, the loss of a child he called a son was devastating.

The Golden Palace Incident

Four years later, a massive earthquake hit Tokyo and the mysterious Golden Palace arose out of the earth in the middle of the capital city. Amidst the chaos emerges the malevolent legions of demonic creatures known as the Hellspawn that soon attacked the home village of the Oboro Clan and slaughtering the clan's members. Among the Hellspawn was a sinister man who Master Kobushi reconignized as the Oboro Clan's long-dead enemy, Hiruko Ubusuna. Kobushi was attacked and badly injured. He retreated to a temple which held a tomb where Hiruko was buried. He was both later found by Ageha and Hotsuma and he tells them of Hiruko's past as a malicious power-mad sorcerer who was stopped by the Oboro Clan 72 years ago and that they both must rescue Hiruko's pure-hearted direct descendant Kagari and stop the evil sorcerer before he rules the world. Kobushi before he draw his last breath and died, was glad to see Ageha one last time, although he didn't know that it was his former disciple Ageha herself who broken the seal in Hiruko's tomb, thus reviving the sorcerer from beyond the grave, and betraying their clan... all to bring back her beloved Moritsune.