Kihyousensha Tank


Kihousensha (in Japanese: 危峰・戦車; high tank or dangerous tank) is one of the two types of military tanks that were controlled by Hiruko Ubusuna in Shinobi (2002). This tank is the stronger of the two variants, and Hotsuma must either imbue Akujiki with the blood of fallen enemies and attack this menace when the sword's power is at its height or pelt it with a flurry of slashes to bring it down.

These military vehicles, along with a number of other types of military hardware, were present when the Hellspawn infested Tokyo, and Hiruko used his magical gojufu talismans to possess them. These possessed monstrosities were typically placed in front of kekkai (in Japanese: 結界; dimensional barriers), and they were often accompanied by a number of Hellspawn or possessed Oboro clan cadavers that tried to ambush Hotsuma and prevent him from progressing. While they were not mobile, they were still able to launch highly explosive shells, and they used their main gun's rifling to swipe at Hotsuma if he came too close. While on his quest to claim vengeance, Hotsuma fought and destroyed these tanks on the streets of Tokyo and on the Kumano Shrine grounds.