Kazaguruma (in Japanese: 風車, Windmill) is a villain in Nightshade who was employed by the Nakatomi Corporation and was known as the "Shinobi of Wind". Kazaguruma was the first member of Jimushi's mercenary group to confront Hibana, the skilled government agent who was Jimushi's former student. He was an honorable warrior who claimed that she was his one-thousandth opponent.


Kazaguruma was a skillful shinobi with a lust for battle. He became a renegade ninja because he desired to fight only powerful foes. Eventually, he joined Jimushi's group when the master shinobi noticed his talents.

Over the years, Kazaguruma worked for Jimushi and became an asset to his team. He took down many potential threats and achieved nine hundred and ninety nine victories. After Jimushi's group infiltrated the demon infested streets of Tokyo in search of Akujiki, they were tracked down by Hibana. As Jimushi and the others escaped, Kazaguruma readied his blade and challenged Hibana to a duel. In the end, Kazaguruma was defeated and mortally wounded by Hibana. Impressed by her skills and techniques, he was pleased to have been defeated by a worthy foe, and honored that Hibana was his 1000th adversary. At the end of their duel, Kazaguruma asked Hibana to allow him to die with honor. She silently granted his wish and decapitated him, and marked his grave with his windmill blades in homage to the ninja that she felt was worthy of her respect.


Kazaguruma was a ninja of great skill who always enjoyed battle against strong adversaries. In fact, he enjoyed the exhilaration of combat so much that he became a rogue ninja just so he could fight more. When Kazaguruma joined forces with Jimushi, he was completely loyal to their cause. Yet, when he fought Hibana in a duel to the death, he respected her as a warrior and skilled shinobi. Even in defeat, he chose to die with honor, and he was pleased that he lost to someone as skilled as Hibana.