My name is Kagari Ubusana. I am the heir to the Ubusuna family.
~ Kargari Ubusuna

Kagari Ubusuna (in Japanese: 産土 篝, Ubusuna Kagari) is a young shrine maiden who allied herself with the Oboro Clan's leader Hotsuma to stop her evil ancestor Hiruko Ubusuna and a minor heroine in the 2002 videogame remake Shinobi.

Kagari Ubusuna is a 16 year old Miko (巫女 shrine attendant) and heir to the Ubusuna Family of Kumano Shrine in Tokyo. She was charged with watching over Kumano Shrine, and most especially, her mad ancestor, Hiruko.


For centuries, the Japanese had relied on the skills of the Onmyouji, and through their divinations many emperors flourished and the country prospered. However, as Japan modernized, the Onmyouji lost their prestige. The Onmyouji's fate was sealed due to an "unsavory past affair", and the national supervision of the main temple of Kumano Shrine's Onmyouji would be through the Oboro clan. Kumano Shrine, which greatly lost its power and influence through the atrocities of a fiendish Onmyouji, hides themselves from the front stage of history.

Kagari Ubusuna, a descendant of the heretic Onmyouji, was adept at spells at childhood. During her youth, she had played with shikigami like playing house, and was skilled at stargazing and possessed telepathy. Due to these abilities, Kagari was kept isolated from the outside world, and kept at all times under surveillance. Because of this life of isolation, without friends, parents or siblings, she would often admire the insects and flowers of the shrine garden alone.

Hiruko needed to sacrifice her in order to resurrect his ultimate weapon, the long-forgotten evil known as Yatsurao. But Kagari was rescued by the Oboro Head Ninja Hotsuma twice, including the second time in which Hiruko's plan of reawaking and manipulating Yatsurao to conquer the Earth failed, and she was very grateful to him ever since.

She was last seen looking at the crumbling Golden Palace as everyone in Tokyo were safe from the Hellspawn carnage and the world was free of Hiruko.

After the Golden Palace incident, the new government ordered Kagari to construct the Ariake Seal, in order to seal the Akujiki away forever. But the Nakatomi Conglomerate's greed and desire for the sword since they were first being manipulated by Hiruko himself, foiled her attempts to seal Akujiki.

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