My name is Kagari Ubusana. I am the heir to the Ubusuna family.
~ Kargari Ubusuna

Kagari Ubusuna (in Japanese: 産土 篝, Ubusuna Kagari) is a young shrine maiden and a secondary character in Shinobi (2002). She was kidnapped by her evil ancestor, Hiruko Ubusuna, who wanted to sacrifice her in order to gain ultimate power. In Nightshade, she shattered the demon blade, Akujiki, and use its remnants to construct the Ariake Seal, which was a magical and Yang infused barrier that was designed to protect Tokyo from Hellspawn invasions.

Kagari Ubusuna is a sixteen year old miko (in Japanese: 巫女; shrine attendant) and a descendant of the Ubusuna clan of Kumano Shrine. As the shrine's attendant, she was charged with watching over and protecting the seal that bound her mad ancestor.


For generations, the Ubusuna clan's onmyouji mages commanded the various divination techniques that helped Japan prosper, until they were embroiled in an unsavory affair. The clan lost its power and influence when one of its members, the fiendish Hiruko, ravaged Tokyo with an evil ritual that brought a devastating earthquake upon Japan. In response to this atrocity, the Japanese government commanded the Oboro clan to preside over the Ubusuna clan and prevent any further incidents from occurring.

In childhood, Kagari was adept at spells and telepathy. From a young age, she played with shikigami (in Japanese: 式神; ritualistically summoned supernatural beings) and practiced houshinjoutai (in Japanese: 放心・状態; stargazing). However, because of her abilities, Kagari was kept isolated from the outside world and under strict surveillance at all times. Because she was so isolated, and because she didn't have any friends or family, she consoled herself by admiring the insects and flowers of the shrine's garden.

After he was released from his slumber, and because he wished to become a god, Hiruko sought out Akujiki's great power. In order to resurrect the ancient Hellspawn weapon, Yatsurao, he sent his Hellspawn to kidnap Kagari and present her to the gigantic statue as a sacrifice. Hiruko's plan was foiled, however, when Hotsuma intervened and saved Kagari from her captors. During the Golden Palace's destruction, and as everyone cheered in celebration, Kagari expressed a great sorrow, because she was aware that Hotsuma sacrificed his life to end Hiruko's plot.

After the Golden Palace incident, the Japanese government ordered Kagari to construct the Ariake Seal, which was broken when the Nakatomi Conglomerate sent their elite mercenaries to acquire the lost shards of Akujiki.