A shinobi who has lost conviction is no longer a shinobi.
~ Jimushi

Jimushi (地蟲) is a vetaran Shinobi who, along with his most loyal new apprentice Hisui and their 2 other fellow Shinobi, Kazaguruma and Onibi, are employed by the Nakatomi Corporation and a villain in Nightshade. He is known as the "Shinobi of Earth".


Early Life

Formerly of the Oboro clan's Mukuro branch, Jimushi met a young Hibana and trained her in the advanced arts of the Oboro School of Ninjutsu. Eventually he began to look upon the child as something of a daughter, and they completed many missions together for the Shinobi Agency

But one day, Jimushi left the Oboro clan and the Shinobi Agency, believing that the clan and the Agency have strayed from the true Shinobi way and left without a word to Hibana, placing a great strain on their relationship.  

The Hunt for Akujiki

Several years after his abandoning the Agency, he became a Mercenary Ninja under the Nakatomi Conglomerate's employ, seeking the nine shards of the Akujiki sword.

After Hisui killed a Hellspawn, he realized Hibana was sent after him, and chastises her for being the government's dog. Eventually as time goes on, he senses a darker agenda from Nakatomi and decides on his own to confirm who his true allies are.

After the Nakatomi research lab was destroyed, Jimushi betrays Nakatomi and takes the Akujiki shards for himself. He interrupts Hibana's transmission from her handler, and waits for her at the Shinagawa Docks. After his former pupil beats him in a duel, he reveals that he didn't abandon Hibana, but couldn't stay in the Agency as the Ninja there were in his eyes no longer true shinobi in the real sense nor the Oboro for abandoning their principles.

He tries to give Akujiki to Hibana and keep it out of the government's hands, but they are stolen by a rebuilt Kurohagane MK II. The cybernetic ninja attempts to kill Hibana, but Jimushi took the blow instead. He is happy that Hibana was safe, and asked her to not let Akujiki fall into the wrong hands. He tells his former protégé that she's grown strong, and dies content, leaving a weeping Hibana alone in the rain.


Jimushi is a man of responsibility on the Ninja way. As a veteran ninja of the Oboro, his name is feared throughout the Underground Society. Jimushi recruited Hibana as a student, seeing potential for greatness in her, and would often show favor to her (much to Hisui 's chagrine). As he worked for the agency he grew disgusted with their corrupt way of conducting shinobi affairs, as he saw on many occasions the soulless nature of the missions given, seeing the Ninja slowly degrade into government thugs. His discontent grew when he noticed the Oboro clan had lost its principles due to the Oboro family having been seemingly led astray by Akujiki's influence on the younger generation. Eventually his disgust hit its peak and he left, without saying a word to even Hibana, and this led to her feelings of betrayal and cold outlook on life.

Jimushi took advantage of Nakatomi's influence to help gain new recruits, among those recruits was his own pupil he adopted after leaving the agency, Hisui, the last of the Minazuki clan, Kazaguruma, the famed Ninja of Wind, and was able to reign in the unstable Onibi. However, he didn't trust most of them, seeing them as dogs for Nakatomi, with Hisui following him loyally and faithfully, and he would constantly think of Hibana at times, much to Hisui's chagrine.

After their final battle, Jimushi attempted to reconcile with his student, reminding the kunoichi that he wouldn't abandon her, and that truth left the Shinobi of the Oboro and the Agency. In an attempt to reach out to her he tries to entrust Akujiki to her, seeing that she is true to the Ninja path in her own way. His final act as a loving mentor was to die protecting her from Kurohagane's assault, which left Hibana heartbroken that the one person who cared for her most is gone.