Hey! Not too shabby!
~ Homura

Homura (in Japanese: 焔) is a warrior who is the member of the Oboro Clan and a character from the 2002 videogame remake Shinobi.

An arrogant jonin who has a cocky attitude and is known as "The Shinobi of Fire."


Homura is the dandy of the Oboro Village. Able to manipulate explosive flames at will, he is a pyromaniac. While he's an unusual man who loves women, he despises cowardice and injustice with a passion. In the past he was the most cocky and undisciplined Ninja in the clan. But since his defeat in a match by Hotsuma, he settled down and became well liked by everyone.

As a child his home burned down in a fire during a war, and a fear of fire was hidden in his heart. To conquer that fear, Homura sought to master the element of fire until eventually his ability to control it became remarkable and fearsome. So much so, that while in the battlefield, when totally serious, there is usually nothing left but charred up dirt.

During the Golden Palace incident, Homura was killed along with many slaughtered Oboro ninja in the raid of the Oboro Village by Aomizuchi, and enslaved as a consequence.

Hotsuma while on a mission to rescue the young shrine maiden Kagari Ubusuna who is tied to Hiruko, made his way to the destroyed Oboro village and confront his young, cocky Oboro clansman Homura who wishes to fight him in hand-to-hand combat. Homura prepared to fight his fellow Oboro clansman Hotsuma, says "I'm not holding back this time!" before the two warriors battle. At the end of the fight, instead of letting Hotsuma kill him, the beaten Homura commits suicide by blowing himself up.