Hisui (翡水) is a skilled kunoichi who harbors a hatred for Hibana and a villainess in Nightshade.

Known as "The Shinobi of Water", she has the ability summon floods, and also create shurikens out of ice. Her trademark weapon is a sharp sword created in the shape of an umbrella.

She is the third Shinobi who confronts Hibana in battle. She is Jimushi's new apprentice and is essentially Hibana's replacement. Harboring unrequited affections towards Jimushi, she despises Hibana because Jimushi prefers her.

Appearance Edit

Hisui is a young girl in her adolescence with a slender physique and chestnut colored hair with brown eyes. She tends to violet goggles and a violet outfit custom made for her to be agile, with a swallow tail styled sash and a crest of sorts that reminds her of her former clan. In her bonus outfit she wears shorts, a colorful shirt, and rollerblades.


Hisui is the last survivor the Minazuki clan (水無月一族 Clan of the Moonless Waters), a Ninja clan that was destroyed under orders by the Japanese Government. Jimushi picked her up as a young orphan. Hisui looked up to Jimushi, as both her mentor, mission handler, and adoptive father figure. Unfortunately for her Jimushi, he seemed to never return them, always thinking about his former apprentice Hibana. This in turn, caused Hisui to start disliking Hibana out of pure jealousy for Jimushi's affection, as she works equally as hard as she does. After joining Jimushi's Mercenary Ninja Corps, she tries desperately to please him with successful missions.

Hisui doesn't confront herself Hibana at all until after Jimushi's death. Hisui alone confronted Hibana on her way to the Golden Castle, cursing her for taking her master's life, unaware that it was Kurohagane that murdered Jimushi. Despite her best efforts, she was bested in combat, but Hibana saved her life when she was left dangling from the edge of a broken highway. She asks why Hibana didn't kill her despite not having

Hibana vs hisui

The Vengeful Beauties

anything left to live for. With Jimushi gone, she had no one to lead her, or guide her, and didn't know who to blame or what to do with her life. Hibana, feeling she was the same as her, instead gives her new meaning in life; to come after her, hate her and then kill her when ready and leaves. Hisui eagerly promises to kill her, as Hibana leaves her to ruminate.

Personality Edit

Hisui lost her family in a government ordered raid on her clan, leaving her alone and with no family. Jimushi taking her in was a turning point in her life, as she practiced hard for him to earn his acknowledgment. To that end she would combine her inherent Minazuki ninja skills with Jimushi's Oboro-ryu Shinobi skills, making her a prodigy equal to her Ane Deshi (姉弟子; older sister apprentice), Hibana. But due to Jimushi's negligence of Hisui or failure to notice her feelings, who devoted herself to him utterly, Hisui grew to detest Hibana for always being the one on her master's mind.

But even so she remained loyal to Jimushi and loved her adoptive father and master still. When Jimushi died, she was consumed with hatred and grief, blaming Hibana for his death when the culprit was Kurohagane MKII, who she thought had been obliterated by her own hand. After losing to Hibana in a life-or-death battle, Hisui wanted to die, but Hibana wouldn't let her. She looked at Hibana with eager eyes when she gave Hisui a new reason to live; to be the one who fights her and one day kills her, as a nemesis on equal terms.

Abilities and GameplayEdit

Hisui is a skilled kunoichi trained under Jimushi's tutelage and as such, possesses enhanced speed and skill with weapons. Her first display of her prowess was during a Hellspawn hunt where she single-handedly killed a Hellspawn Lord in comparison to Hibana who often struggles with them. Her primary weapon is an umbrella. Using her control over the element of water, she covers it in high pressure water, fashioning it into the shape of a blade that can cut through Hellspawn easily. Like Jimushi and Hibana, she also knows the Stealth Dash, producing watery figures of herself instead of phantom images, a sign of her Minazuki heritage combined with Oboro style shinobi skills.

As a boss character, Hisui often creates floods in order to slow the player down. If there is enough distance between her and the player, she will often perform a dashing thrust attack. As a member of Nakatomi's mercenary group, she will often summon airborne kunoichi, effectively trapping her opponents while she can attack from below

As a playable character, Hisui plays somewhat similarly to Hibana, though because she uses a different, she has a different moveset altogether, unlike her predecessor Moritsune. While she can run faster than Hibana, her attacks are not as speedy as she often swings and thrusts her single umbrella in contrast to Hibana's much more speedy combos with her twin short swords. Like Hibana as well, she can also perform a Stealth Attack, sending her watery images to attack in her stead when her chakra is filled up.. Instead of using regular kunai, Hisui's projectiles freeze enemies solid, encasing them in blocks of ice though it still has the same general effect of stunning her targets. She also has her own version of the Raijin spell, producing a shimmering bubble instead of a lightning barrier.

Hisui has only one alternate costume, though using this causes her to skate around with her rollerblades instead of simply running.


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