This world is full of filth. In the last century, science has evolved... but have the hearts of men? The gap between those with power and those without has grown. Greed and war blanket the earth.
~ Hiruko Ubusana on his views about the Earth.

Hiruko Ubusuna (in Japanese: 産土 ヒルコ Ubusuna Hiruko), also known as Hiruko-sama and Master Hiruko, is a powerful Japanese dark sorcerer and the main antagonist of the 2002 videogame Shinobi.


As the eras changed, the influence and power of the Onmyouji was fading away. The Ubusuna clan of Onmyouji sought someone with powerful magic abilities to sustain their lineage. An orphaned child was adopted into the family, and it was none other than Hiruko Ubusuna, the heretic Onmyouji.

Hiruko, whose power surpassed the senior Onmyouji of the Ubusuna family, was strongly attached to power, and began supervising the Japanese government, and through connections with the Kumano Shrine's Onmyouji, he would divinize the fate of the governmental powers.

Hiruko in thepast

Hiruko's tyranny in the past.

His personality was extremely ruthless, and his tyrannical influence began to spill into the public.

Hiruko disappeared after the Great Kanto Earthquake, the truth of the matter concealed despite various speculations. The truth was that the mad onmyouji attempted to engulf the world in darkness by performing an evil ritual, but he was defeated by the Oboro clan, and sealed in the Kumano Shrine. His actions dishonored the Onmyouji, and cast a dark shadow on the Ubusuna Family's reputation.

Hirukos death

Hiruko is struck down by the Oboro Ninja in secret.

After his disappearance, the Ubusuna clan were all but dismantled, and Kumano shrined welcomed those who possessed strong enough magic power into the Ubusuna household.

Hiroku's RevengeEdit

The enslaved oboro

Hiruko's slaves

Decades later, Ageha freed him so that he can bring Moritsune back from the dead. He also brought now soulless bodies of several Oboro Clan members he killed in revenge, back to life as his henchmen along with legions of Hellspawn he has summoned. His goal is to let Hotsuma kill all of his minions so that their souls will fuse in Akujiki and make the sword stronger, after which he can kill Hotsuma and use the power of Akujiki to help him take over the world.

Hiruko's other, yet similar goal however, was aimed at sacrificing the life of his direct descendant Kagari that he kidnapped and tried to kill the young shrine maiden in order to revive the living, demonic statue called Yatsurao and use him to help enslave humanity. He did so with the aid of the Nakatomi Conglomerate, a modern high-tech company whom he secretly made connections with and also manipulated into reconstructing Yatsurao. But Yatsurao was destroyed by Hotsuma in battle and Kagari was saved, yet however, her evil ancestor in his delight absorbed from the defeated Yatsurao all the yin of countless souls killed in the earthquake, thus transforming himself into an all-powerful teenage sorcerer with his youth rejuvenated and his dark magic increased.

After a long battle at the Golden Palace, Hiruko is killed by Hotsuma and his soul is devoured by Akujiki.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Hiruko himself is a skilled sorcerer in Japanese dark magic. He can summon hellspawn demons and resurrected people at his command through incantations and scroll-like talismans called gojufu. He can unleash an arsenal of elemental and mystical attacks upon his enemies with his chant "I call forth". The certain phrases of his chants with these element-based attacks which also can be avoided, are "the fires of hell", "the powers of the heavens", "the icy touch of death", and "the wrath of the earth".

When he asborbed the yin of his many victims and the power of Yatsurao, he suddenly gain his youth and his powers dramatically increased. In this form, he can unleash his ultimate attack: a magical attack of five energy laser beams composed of souls as he says "Spirits of the netherworld, obey your master!".



You're too late! Hand over Akujiki, and I may yet let you live!
~ Hiruko demanding Hotsuma to surrender the sword Akujiki (during the scond half of the fight).
Spirits of the netherworld, obey your master!
~ Hiruko Ubusuna summoning the spirits of the netherworld to attack Hotsuma.
H-how could... it end like... this?
~ Hiruko Ubusuna after Hotsuma dealt death blow against him.


  • Hiruko because of his magic is a onmiyouji, a practitioner of the traditional Japanese esoteric cosmology.

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