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Hibana (緋花) is a government-employed kunoichi tasked with eliminating the members of the Nakatomi Corporation who has unwittingly unleashed Hellspawn upon a futuristic Tokyo and she is the main protagonist of the 2003 videogame Nightshade.

To do this, she caputred the shards of Akujiki, the sword weilded by Hotsuma. Hibana, though not technically a official Shinobi, was born to a branch family of the Oboro Clan linage though she was put up for adoption as a child at an early age. She is a jaded ninja who was abandoned by Jimushi and now works for the the Japanese government, who modeled her outfit after the warrior Hotsuma who was the last leader of the Oboro Clan.

After the defeat of all the representatives of Nakatomi Corporation and the destruction of the robotic ninja Kurohagane, Hibana handed over the Akujiki to the government scientists after her task was complete, although she learned that the government wanted to use Akujiki as a weapon. She gives them the false Akujiki while the real one is now in her possession. Hibana says to herself "So begins my life as a rogue's not my day".


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