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Many an evil being fell to Hazy Moon, passed down within the Oboro ninja to only the most skilled shinobi.

Hazy-Moon (朧月Oboro-tsuki) is the blade wielded by Joe Musashi during his time as a Shinobi.


Oborozuki; the Hazy Moon, is a shinobigatana (忍刀;shinobi sword) belonging to the Oboro Clan. Unlike typical Nihonto(日本刀) the sword is short and trimmed with a blade carefully crafted by ancient Oboro secret arts and forging techniques, making it the clan's most treasured ninja blade. the Hazy Moon is passed down to only the most skilled shinobi produced by the Oboror Ninja, and is now held by Joe Musashi, as his teacher once did before him.


  • In the gameplay of "the Revenge of Shinobi", when Joe recieves the Power item he walks in Jumonji-Uke no Kamae (十文字受けの構え; Cross Taking Posture) which enables him to block attacks, and signifies he can slash with Hazy Moon at close range.
  • In Shinobi PS2 the sword shows signs of mystic properties, as it can obliterate Hellspawn as easily as the Akujiki.
  • In Shinobi 3D Jiro Musashi uses Hazy Moon as well, and as he and Joe perform with great skill through the player, the sword takes up a radiant glow.

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