"I can rest in peace..." - Hakuraku, after Hotsuma freed his soul from Hiruko's influence.

Hakuraku (狛楽) is an old man who can summon ninja dogs called Ninken to fight for him and a minor hero in the 2002 videogame Shinobi. He too is a member of a legendary group of ninja warriors known as the Oboro Clan.


Hakuraku is a veteran Jonin of the Oboro clan. While appearing as kind and gentle, he has a sadistic side hidden behind his jolly exterior. When giving missions he assesses them in a very cold manner, and determines their success based on the shinobi's skills.

A knowledgeable ninja, Hakuraku was also a master of medicinal science, poisons, and gunpowder, using various concoctions to cure diseases or heal injuries. Hakuraku has seen many lives and deaths in his time, and as such became conscious of living, some say he developed a elixer of life for the elderly.

Though his fighting capabilities are now absent in his old age, his battle strategy and tactical expertise are without peer as he manipulates Ninken (忍犬 Ninja Dogs) to fight proficiently and efficiently. On the frontline, injured Ninjas receive his treatment in Medical Ninjutsu, and return to the frontlines. The mission success rates of his subordinates in attack and defense are excellent.

However, due to Hakuraku's penchant for injuring and healing his subordinates constantly in order to test his medicines, no one in his squads want to go into his leadership ever again, with fears of him more than death by his own hands rooted in their psyche.

Golden Palace Incident

A year later, the Oboro Clan were attacked and viciously killed by the invading forces of the Hellspawn unleashed by the mad sorcerer Hiruko Ubusuna who then revived and turned them into his reluctant slaves. Hakuraku among the casualities was not so fortunate as he was forced by Hiruko to attack and kill people. Despite his enslavement by Hiruko, Hakuraku maintained his honor and respect for Hotsuma. This is evident by his reluctance (or possibly fear) when battling, constantly shouting, “Stay away from me!” and even "Please! Let me live!"

Hotsuma returns to avenge the deaths of his clansmen and confronted the possessed Hakuraku and his dogs that are turned into Hellspawns within the damaged subways of Tokyo during the Hellspawn invasion. In the end, he thanks Hotsuma for killing him and allowing him to rest in peace.