Biographical information
Level Appearance(s):Unknown
Enemy Type:Hellspawn
Rank:Hellspawn Lord
Physical description
Hellspawn Type:Airborn
Hellspawn Children:Nyokanga
Ninjutsu Type:Fire

Illusive Magic

Primary Weapon(s):Magic/Ninjutsu
Secondary Weapon(s):Nyokanga
First appearance:Shinobi
Last appearance:Shinobi
Japanese Voice:Unknown
English Voice:Unknown
This is the end of the Oboro Clan. Hahahahahaha!
~ Benisuzume before began attacking both Hotsuma and Kagari Ubusuna.
The fun has just begun. Hahahahaha!
~ Benisuzume

Benisuzume (in Japanese: 紅天蛾 meaning "Crimson Sphinx Moth") is one of the Four Hellspawn Lords and a villainess in the 2002 videogame Shinobi. She is the only female Hellspawn Lord.


Benisuzume's name contains the kanji 紅 (crimson) and 天蛾 (Sphinx Moth). Together, they mean "Red Sphinx Moth", which is a super family of moths. This is a reference to Benisuzume's moth visage and the fact that she is Hiruko's corruption of Suzaku the Red Sparrow of the South, and like Suzaku associated with Fire.


She appears to be a giant moth with the face and upper body of a geisha, although her face is simply a mask which depicts a smiling woman. Her huge wings also have somewhat a frightening appearance; they have seething flames in the wings' black background, red and black circles, and on the upper parts of the wings's red background are skulls of demons and faces of the screaming dead.

Benisuzume's Malice

She and her other fellow 3 Hellspawn Lords were summoned by Hiruko Ubusuna and they aided him in trying to bring the mortal world to its knees. She and the other Hellspawn Lords were defeated by the Oboro Clan of ninjas who fought them and stopped their invasion yers ago.

After her return to the mordern-day human world, Benizume began her merciless attack on the Oboro clan at their home village in Japan. She lures Hotsuma into one of her traps with the illusion of a sleeping Kargari Ubusuna while she keeping prisoner the real Kagari, the descendant of Hiroku Ubusuna himself. She was the second Hellspawn Lord to be defeated, but instead of letting Hotsuma finish her off, she decided to blow herself up in a final attempt to kill him.

Powers and Abilities


Nyokanga, one of Benisuzume's children.

Benisuzume, as a Hellspawn Lord, possesses vast magical powers and absolute cunning which makes her a very dangerous foe. She is capable of producing and maniplutaing fire to burn away everything in her path.

She can disappear and reappear at will in the form of her flying magical Hellspawn "children" called Nyokanga which she also summons at her command as well as use in her eleborate illusions to deceive her prey.

She is capable of creating illusions with her magic to lie and trap her victims as they are being lured towards their doom for even her sadistic pleasure.