The Akujiki


Akujiki, the ancient, cursed blade has consumed the souls of men for centuries. It is said "he who wields Akujiki, wields absolute power. Many wars were fought to control that power, many lives were lost... A lone shinobi took it upon himself to end Akujiki's legacy of blood. However... his struggles proved only to be the beginning of yet a new battle.
~ The legend of Akujiki (in Kunoichi/Nightshade).

Akujiki (in Japanese: 妖刀「悪食」Youtou "Akujiki"; Evil Eater), also known as the "Demon Blade", is the weapon used by Hotsuma in Shinobi and the key objective and antagonist weapon used by Kurohagane in Kunoichi (Nightshade in the western Countries). It is a katana that houses an ancient demon parasite, the blade passed down through the generations in the Oboro clan, and was to be handled by the Oboro family head. It possesses the terrifying ability to enhances its destructive power indefinitely by consuming Yin, which is the unclean energy of the spirit of those slain by its blood soaked blade. However, if its hunger is left unsatisfied, it will slowly devour the life-force and Yin of its owner. Thus those whoever uses Akujiki is forever burdened with the fate of continuing to kill until they die. On the other hand, it is possible to seal the Akujiki using the purity of Yang, but if exposed to high level Yin, the seal will be undone.



Akujiki's history

Akujiki's trail of carnage over the centuries

No one knows the specifics of Akujiki's origin, but it is known that it actually is an ancient metaphysical parasite in the form of a katana. This parasite can lay dormant for centuries, but awakens from the taste of blood, and feeds on the concept of Yin; the collection of all the dark and impure feelings of its prey and their corporeal essence. This would cause even the Hellspawn Lords to be terrified of it. The archaic and sentient, demonic creature, Akujiki has consumed the Yin of human beings and spirits alike since before the Warring States Era. If left unfed, the parasite attacks its host and feeds upon their lifeforce until its gluttonous hunger is satisfied or the host's own soul is consumed. This leads Akujiki's host to live a hellish life of carnage, continuing to fight and kill until they themselves perish.

An Eldritch Abomination is ForgedEdit

Hiruko in thepast

The mad sorcerer Hiruko Ubusuna

Sometime over sixty years ago, Hiruko Ubusuna, a heretic Onmyoji, came across the Akujiki demon. Hiruko then used his sorcery with the demon as a template and created the Akujiki sword, which he would use it to claim the souls of many victims.

Hirukos death

Hiruko's defeat by the hands of the Oboro Clan's ancestors.

However, as Hiruko attempted a cursed ritual to take over the world using the Hellspawn Weapon Yatsurao and Akujiki as his template, the Oboro shinobi came and slew Hiruko and stole Akujiki from him. However, Hiruko's soul would not perish easily, and so with his body, he was sealed deep within Kumano Shrine, guarded at all times by his descendants, the Ubusuna clan.

To silence Akujiki, the Oboro Clan created a ritual between the eldest heirs of the Oboro Household, that should an heir be defeated in a duel to the death, his own Yang; the positive energies of the spirit, would be sacrificed to Akujiki, placing the demonic presence inside the blade in stasis. The Oboro would continue to watch the sword for decades, seeking a way to end its bloody carnage forever.

The Duel between HeirsEdit

Years later, 3 young children of the Oboro Clan who were named Hotsuma, Moritsune, and Ageha were playing and then found a chest in a shed at the Oboro village. They discovered that what was inside the chest was the sword they heard in tales that eats the souls of men. When Ageha held Akujiki in her hands, it began to glow and slowly drain her life force. Moritsune grabbed the blade and saved his best friend's life, but at a price -- it scarred him across the face and forever changed him.

The sealing duel

Every generation, seal on Akujiki, a duel between heirs occurs; the loser is sacrificed to Akujiki, and his Yang seals the demon.

When they were teenagers, Hotsuma and his brother fought in a duel that decides the next leader of the Oboro and the responsibility of keeping the Akujiki sword. Hotsuma won and reluctantly slew his brother with  the Akujiki. Moritsune's pure spirit crippled the Akujiki, and reinforced the seal on the blade.

4 years later, the present-day capital city of Tokyo were shaken a strange earthquake with the appearance of the mysterious Golden Palace risen out of the earth and the demonic legions of Hellspawn were set loose upon the world of the living, Hotsuma, now the last leader of the Oboro Clan, made his way to avenge the murders of his clansmen, whose corpses were reanimated and cursed to serve their old enemy, Hiruko Ubusuna. Seeking the Akujiki for his plans, Hiruko sent the possessed Oboro ninjas and the Hellspawn to acquire it. Hotsuma fought and slew many Hellspawn demons as well as his possessed former comrades and absorbed their Yin to abate Akujiki's insatiable hunger. He even faced 3 of the 4 Hellspawn Lords and killed them using Akujiki.

Hotsuma confronted Hiruko at the corporate factory of the Nakatomi Corporation while trying to rescue the mad sorcerer's direct descendant Kagari Ubusuna whom Hiruko sought to sacrifice to reanimate the giant called Yatsurao. He defeated Yatsurao and saved Kagari but the immense yin of the fallen giant was quickly asborbed by Hiruko, transforming himself into a powerful young sorcerer with deadly magic. He tried to slay him but standing in his way was Hotsuma's dead sibling, Moritsune, who is controlled by Hiruko himself.

He went to Kan'ei Shrine to confront Hiruko and Moritsune, but along the way Hotsuma was stopped and attacked by Ageha who revealed herself to be the traitor who resurrected Hiruko in order gain his help in bringing back the man she loves. Even after her failed battle against her former childhood friend and leader, Ageha's dream finally came true, but it was a lie; Ageha was murdered by the possessed Moritsune who was controlled by the Hellspawn Lord known as Aomizuchi. Hotsuma fought the heartless demon and slew him, freeing the souls of the two people he knew and loved most.

After making his way into the Golden Palace, Hotsuma confronts Hiruko who needed the power of Akujiki with the Yin-filled might of Yatsurao to create a perfect, pure Yin to purge and rule the Earth. Hotsuma and Hiruko then fight to the death.


Demon blade akujiki


After that incident that ravaged Tokyo ended with Hiruko's death at the hands of Oboro leader Hotsuma, the Government retrieved Akujiki among the rubble and ordered Kagari Ubusuna to help seal Akujiki away from the wrong hands for good. Kagari performed a ritual called the "Ariake Seal" (in Japanese: 有明結界 Ariake Kekkai; Ariake Barrier) to break the Akujiki into 9 shards and placed them all across Tokyo as a barrier seal to ward off any Hellspawn from entering their world again, with the backing of the Government performing this task.

Everything returned back to normal for a brief period of time, until the Nakatomi Conglomerate once again disrupted the order of control in Tokyo and putting the world's safety at risk.

Nakatomi hired several expert mercenary shinobi, especially one called Jimushi who before belonged to the now deceased Oboro Clan, along with 4 others:

  • Hisui - The young prodigy kunoichi and newest pupil of Jimushi.
  • Onibi - Reckless and womanizing shinobi specializing in projectile fireworks.</p>
  • Kazugurama - An old shinobi expertly trained with wind attacks and awaiting his 1000th opponent.
  • Kurohagane - The cyborg ninja created by Nakatomi sent to retrieve the pieces of Akujiki.

To counter the assault of Nakatomi, the government sent in their most talented ninja, Hibana to stop Nakatomi from taking the Akujiki shards and allowing the Hellspawn to return back to Toyko.

Hibana finally confronts Kurohagane for the last time, he finally absorbs the last piece of Akujiki while stealing the other shards Hibana had collected herself and finally fused Akujiki into it's blade form. Doing this, his cybernetic body disintegrated by the power of Akujiki and he transformed into a clone of Hotsuma. With his trademark long scarf, his crossed arm and stoic posture. He was the dark mirror image of Hotsuma after Akujiki managed to consume his soul even after death when he fell into the ruins of the Golden Palace.

Kurohagane and akujiki

with Akujiki restored, Kurohagane becomes an evil clone of Hotsuma

Exercising Akujiki's will, the soulless Ninja machine and Hibana dueled for the blade, with Hibana emerging the victor.

After Hibana defeats Kurohagane, the grasp of Akujiki powers are released from his body and is deactivated for good. Hibana then collects the Akujiki blade (strangely so, the blade consuming powers doesn't even flinch her) and now waits to hand it off to the Government.

Hibana marches on

Hibana claims Akujiki as its new master.

When that time comes, she becomes hesistant to give Akujiki to them but finally does. It's interesting to note that Hibana see's the carrying case the scientists are carrying that have come to collect Akujiki has the Nakatomi Clan logo on it.

Hibana's taskmaster radios to her that her task is complete and that she is to keep a low profile until further notice. As she walks away she hears the soldiers being given orders to go 'capture Kurohagane' which makes it sound like the Government is now either partnered up to Nakatomi, or the government wants to retrieve Kurohagane for their own purposes.

When Hibana takes off her helmet, we see that the Utsoshiyo blade she has on her back suddenly starts glowing red. No doubt, it's actually Akujiki the whole time, and she gave the guys the Utsoshiyo blade instead.

Even still, Akujiki does not even seem to flinch Hibana at all, so Hotsuma's soul in the sword probably is there protecting Hibana after his approval to carry on the Oboro duty of Akujiki onto her.

Hibana says to herself "So begins my life as a rogue shinobi... today's not my day".

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Akujiki serves as a powerful weapon capable of slicing and slaying enemies in two. It is also possessed as demonstrated when it went flying and hurling at Hotsuma. If left unfed, Akujiki shall consume the life energy of its wielder and kill them.



  • Akujiki's name also translates as "Meat Eater" alluding to the breaking of Buddhist Vows and eating the meat of once living creatures. This alludes to the fact that Akujiki devours the physical essence of those who die by its edge.
  • Despite appearing as a sword, it was revealed according to Japanese website sources that Akujiki is an ancient and vampiric parasite.
  • In Japanese spirituality the souls of people are made up of Haku (魄 spiritual Yin energy) and Kon (魂 spiritual Yang energy). Haku is the corporeal essence left behind by the dead. in other words, the dead vessel of the deceased soul.
  • In the game Nightshade, the protagonist Hibana is tasked with collecting the shards of Akujiki.
  • Akujiki bears similarities to the titular Soul Edge from the Soul series (often referred to as the Soul Calibur series) of fighting videogames as it is a demonic soul-sucking weapon that is possessed by a malevolent spirit. In Nightshade, it is shattered into pieces which prompts a hunt for the shards similar to how Soul Edge was shattered in a couple of games, which lead to the entire world searching for the scattered pieces.
  • Akujiki's shards in Nightshade raged out of control creating insectoid Yotsubashira class Hellspawn.
  • It is heavily implied that even if Moritsune won the duel, he would never be able to control Akujiki. Because it had already tasted his blood and soul, the sword's cursed status would have killed him quicker.

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